Kuchnia+Live Stream Online


Watch Kuchnia+ TV live stream online channel. Kino Kuchnia Plus TV Polska Live Streaming Online. Kuchnia+ is a Polish cooking channel that mostly focuses on programs for ladies and one of the first DTT multiplex (MUX 1). It also telecast Hip-Hip and Hurra, which made its debut there. It was launched on 20 December 2006. It owned and work under the management of Canal+ Polska. You can see this station in Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, and Hungary.

Kuchnia+It also manages the radio network and female magazines which publish once a month. It tries to promote local food and publish its shows in the local language but News updates and some programs telecast in the English language for the outer world. On UPC it is available on 148 frequency and on Vectra available on 149 (SD) frequency. It works with the slogan (Unmissable). Key people are Aleksy Dzikawicki, Beata Krasicka. Kino Polska Live Stream Online.


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