Fokus TV Live Stream Online Polska

Fokus TV

Watch Fokus TV live stream online channel. Fokus TV TV Polska Live Streaming Online. Fokus TV (Poland) is a Polish entertainment channel that mostly focuses on animated programming for children and one of the first DTT multiplex (MUX 1). It was launched on 28 April 2014 with the name Spektrum and on October 1, 2013, it changed its name. You can see this station in Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, and Hungary. It is owned by ZPR Media Group and works under the management of Telewizja Polsat.

Fokus TVThis Fokus TV channel support local custom and traditions that’s why a local community like this station and shows based on documentaries, reality shows, popular science magazines, TV series, and movies. On UPC it is available on 482 frequency and on Vectra available on 303 (SD) frequency. It also manages the radio network and female magazine which publish once a month.


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