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NOTE – Some years ago, PKP was the single operator of several different classes of trains. Tickets were more or less interchangeable. Now there are several operating companies, and you will need to know which type of train and you are travelling on, and which company is the operator so that you can purchase the appropriate ticket (and pay the right fare!). Tickets from one operator are not accepted on the trains of another operator, even if you’ve paid a higher fare! There are two main (competing) operators: InterCity (EC, EX, IC, TLK) and Przewozy Regionalne (RE, IR, Regio).

The “Regio” local trains usually stop in each town as you travel down the line. Such trains will usually have only second class carriages and are the cheapest.

“TLK” trains are a faster way to travel between regions. They will still stop at most moderately-sized stations, but not stop at every one. Most of these trains have first-class carriages, and there may be a buffet carriage.

Express trains feature the most comfortable equipment, the fewest stops, and high speeds. They will have first and second class carriages and a buffet carriage. A supplement must be paid for these trains, and seat reservations are mandatory.

For more detailed info and up-to-date train timetables, visit:

The good news is that The Main Railway Station in Krakow (as well as in other major Polish cities) is located in the city centre – 10 minutes’ walk to the Main Market Square!

Names of the main railway stations:

Warsaw – Warszawa Centralna

Poznan – Poznań Główny

Wroclaw – Wrocław Główny

Gdansk – Gdańsk Główny

Krakow – Kraków Główny

Lodz – Lodz Fabryczna or Lodz Kaliska


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